Business Vacation

business vacation

In this website we are focused on what to do when our customers are on vacation, or at least appear to be. Maybe they are on vacation from our business and so our focus is on how to survive when times are tough, and how to get our customers back.

But the truth is that many small business owners never get a chance for a vaction themselves. Their business cannot do without them so they just never take a break.

This is not good. You need to get some rest and relaxation. So what is the best vacation for a small business owner?

I guess the first question I would ask is: where can I go on vacation and get a tax deduction for it?

If the location and itinerary are related to your business you may be able to claim it on your taxes. Now be careful in this regard. Tax laws differ from country to country so make sure you get some professional advice about this.

For example, if the predominant purpose is business related, you may be able to write off the whole expense as a tax deduction. But if only a small portion is business related, you might have to pro rata the expenses.

You may also be required to keep a diary to claim a tax deduction, particularly if your travel is overseas.

Maybe some of the things you could consider would be a conference that is related to your business. I have been to many marketing conferences as part of my vacation because growing your business and learning about marketing is always an important thing to do.

Marketing specialists sometimes even offer cruises where there is a combination of learning and partying in the agenda.

Having done 10 cruises I would have to say it is my favourite vacation. I love the idea of unpacking my bags once and seeing a number of different cultures as part of my journey.

Another good thing about cruises is that the internet is usually very slow and costly. So it forces you to take a break and not be subject to all those emails that tend to rule our lives these days.

But I also enjoy, other vacations, and as a golfer, I enjoy checking out golf courses around the country and around the world.

But the main message I wish to impart here is this: Do not let your business become an end in itself and rule your like. It should be a means to more life. So make sure you take time for a vacation.